September 13-14, 2021

Rare Voices in Economics Conference

The conference aims to promote a meaningful exchange among economists of diverse backgrounds, with a focus on fairly representing all voices of our community. We wish to provide a space where selected high-quality research presentations from all fields will be met with a challenging and benevolent audience.


Prof. Emmanuelle Auriol (Toulouse School of Economics)

Prof. Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (ESSEC business school)


Prof. Heidi Mirza (Goldsmiths, University of London, UCL, LSE)

Prof. Franciska Krings (University of Lausanne)

This conference grew organically out of our learnings from last year’s monthly workshops in which we combined reading the literature on gender gaps in the economics professions (check out our blog and reading lists) with women in the profession sharing their experiences. Specifically, we learned that departments can make a difference in closing the gender gap by: (i) having a more equal gender balance among faculty, (ii) facilitating faculty/student interactions, (iii) having a supportive and collegial seminar culture and (iv) having senior professors who are aware of gender biases, especially men. In addition, the conversation around gender biases needs to take account of the heterogeneity in experience of women at different intersections of gender with other identity layers such as gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, (...), or height where the degree of under-representation often rises to the extent that their stories rarely get told, thereby further exacerbating an outsider status. The conference has the primary purpose of giving a stage to “rare voices” in economics and promoting an inclusive conversation on reasons and remedies for the striking persistence of the gender gap. 



The conference will be followed by two events: a public roundtable about gender discrimination in our profession with an emphasis
on possible solutions and an open and interdisciplinary discussion to reflect about the persistence of the gender gap in economics. More details
will follow. 

We invite Ph.D. students in their third year or later and post-docs working in ALL FIELDS to submit a full paper by May 27, 2021.


Applications are now closed but we encourage you to be part of the public roundtable and Q&A session - sign up here!

Please direct any questions to